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The largest professional dance school in the south of the country

The school operates with high standards for teaching art The dance, in an educational and nurturing environment. We aim to lead to the empowerment and development of excellence in the field of dance, In the way of creativity, perseverance and aspiration to realize the ability of each student up to a career professional The study track is adapted to ages 4 to 18 and is structured from classical ballet classes, modern ballet, jazz, repertoire workshops, PBT classes, Pointe lessons, dance history and more. Along with dance studies, there are enrichment activities such as Watching dance performances and artist meetings with well-known choreographers. The students participate in an annual show Spectacular, in studio shows, competitions and festivals across the country. The school has an international reputation for training Generations of professional dancers, close to 50 years of activity and a teaching staff made up of seniors The teachers in Israel. The classical ballet teachers are certified by the Royal Academy London R.A.D. Or they are experienced and veterans. The school works closely with the mascot dance troupe which gives significant added value to the school students who are exposed to the best of the band’s work. Graduates of the school joined groups such as: the ballet The English Royal, The Metropolitan Opera in New York, Stuttgart Ballet Germany, Monte Carlo Ballet France, the Gothenburg Ballet, Sweden, and in Israel – the Bat Sheva Dance Company, the Israeli Ballet, the company The kibbutz and the mascot dance troupe.

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Senior division

The purpose of the program is to provide basic tools for understanding the technique of classical ballet and to deepen the knowledge and understanding of the various dance techniques, while expanding the movement dictionary in all the techniques taught. And hence to allow students who wish to do so, to engage in dance professionally as professional dancers or as teachers of the various dance styles. Read more

Young division

The curriculum at the school is based on the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance –
(The Royal Academy Of Dance) a worldwide educational organization. This body holds exams in classical dance according to the highest standards and is responsible for the continuous professional development of the teachers affiliated with this association. Read more