Alexander Alexandrov

Alexander Alexandrov


Date of birth: 1959, Ukraine

From where in Israel: Tel Aviv

Studied at:

  1. Dance Academy of Kiev, Ukraine.
                   Between the years: 1969-1977
                   Holds a degree: B.A. in Dance and Teaching

Worked at:

  1. Dancer in the Moldova National Ballet
  2. Dancer in the Bar Dor Tel Aviv Dance Company
  3. Classical dance teacher: Bat Dor Tel Aviv, Bat Sheva Dance Company, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Kamea Dance Company, Bat Door Beer Sheva, Rubin Academy of Dance in Jerusalem and Academy High School.

My professional credo:

I believe in teachers who teach in Israel according to a certain method that advances the students professionally.


Bat Dor for me:

A high caliber dance good - one that gives the feeling of a home.

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