Nili Avitan

Nili Avitan


Born: 1991

From where in Israel: Currently living in Herzliya, but grew up in Omer.


Studied at:

  1. Student of the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance
    Between the years: From 2015
  2. Bat Dor Beer Sheva
    Between the years: 1997-2011


Worked at:

  1. Elbaz Studio, Jerusalem.
  2. Studio Asay, Bnei Brak.
  3. Zohar Studio, Hod Hasharon

My professional credo:

"There is a shortcut to happiness, and dancing is one of them". Hedwig (Viki) Baum, Austrian author.


Bat Dor for me:

For me Bat Dor is in one sentence a warm home, a safe place, laughter of children and good and high-caliber dancing.

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