Or Abuhav

Or Abuhav


Date of birth: 1966

From where in Israel: Beer Sheva

Studied at:

  1. Bat Dor Beer Sheva
    Between the years: 1981-1984
  2. Laban Center London
    Between the years: 1995-1996
                   Holds a degree:    Teaching diploma.
  3. Seminar Hakibutzim College
    Between the years: 2001-2006

Worked at:

  1. Dance teacher in an elementary school and high school in Beer Sheva
  2. Bat Dor Beer Sheva teaching modern dance and composition
  3. Goodman School of Drama and Performing Arts

My professional credo:

Dance and movement belong to the physical world that we all experience (I personally was fortunate to be exposed to both the stage and artistic side of dance), and to make this world the pivot of our lives.

Bat Dor for me:

This is the place where I experienced all the important junctures in my life.  From here I started, and to here I returned. Here are the people who influence me and continue to teach me every day about what and why...

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