Sarah Anna Irtoganov

Sarah Anna Irtoganov


Date of birth: 1965

From where in Israel: Beer Sheva

Studied at:

  1. Odessa State College of Music
    Between the years: 1982-1985
                   Holds a degree: B.A.
  2. Odessa State College of Music
    Between the years: 1988-1993
                   Holds a degree: M.A.
  3. Voice Control Course - Sapir College
    Between the years: 2000-2001

Worked at:

  1. Karev Foundation, Beer Sheva and Arad
  2. Sha'ar Hanegev Dance Studio
  3. Bat Dor Beer Sheva
  4. Goodman School of Acting in the Negev

My professional credo:

I believe that the incorporation of music and movement are the key tools of development in any creative field or profession.

Bat Dor for me:

A significant part of my life.

An important and very valuable place that provides inspiration and the desire to develop.

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