Tanya Mungeit-Neiman

Tanya Mungeit-Neiman


Date of birth: 1963

From where in Israel: Beer Sheva

Studied at:

  1. Petersburg College of Music
    Between the years: 1978-1982
                   Holds a degree: Bachelor's degree in music education.
  2. The Rimsky Korsakov Conservatory, St. Petersburg
    Between the years: 1983-1988
                   Holds a degree: Master's degree in music education.

Worked at:

  1. The Russian Ballet Company
  2. St. Petersburg College of Arts
  3. Bat Dor Beer Sheva
  4. Goodman School of Acting in the Negev

My professional credo:

Doing something you love makes it easier to succeed and go far.

Bat Dor for me:

The place I come back to each time anew, it fills me with joy, love for the profession and the special people.

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